WWE NXT Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for Sep. 23

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Eva Marie vs. Carmella

Result: Eva Marie defeats Carmella by count-out.

Rating: 1.75 out of 5 stars

Eva Marie opens the show to a lot of boos from Full Sail. The match has Eva in charge to start, landing a big boot to Carmella. Eva keeps shouting “How You Doin” at Carmella, and the crowd, and pretty much everyone. Carmella catches Eva with a roll-up, but Eva kicks out at one. Carmella gets a comeback and hits a hurricanrana and a smashes Eva’s face into the turnbuckle. Carmella goes for the pin and the ref stops at two because Eva gets her foot on the bottom rope. Eva tosses Carmella out of the ring and she hits her head on the ramp. Eva gets the count-out victory.

Evan’s Note: Well, this match was better than when Eva forgot to kick out. The ending was pretty weak, and the only real high spot was Carmella’s offensive flurry. Still, I guess an improvement is better than going backwards for Eva.

The announcers hype up Asuka’s debut contract signing, the Tag Team Championship match, and Bull Dempsey facing off with Tyler Breeze. It’s a packed night of action in NXT.

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