WWE NXT Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for Sep. 23

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A recap of the three shows in Texas is shown. A highlight has to be Balor taking a selfie with Breeze after he beats Breeze in Houston.

Asuka Contract Signing

William Regal talks up Kana. He calls her the hottest free agent available and possible one of the best signings ever to NXT. He introduces her as Kana. She comes out with her mask on and only takes it off once the titantron says Asuka instead of Kana.

When she gets into the ring Regal asks Asuka if there is anything she wants to say to the audience. Asuka says she’s happy to be in NXT and leads them in an NXT chant. She says it’s a dream come true and she wants to be the women’s champion. She signs her contract and is super amped and excited. She gets interrupted (because no contract signing is ever uninterrupted) by Emma and Dana Brooke.

They are greeted with chants of “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” from the crowd. Emma calls herself and Dana the NXT welcoming committee. Emma says the two of them are in charge, and Dana said her and Emma ran Becky and Charlotte out of NXT. They tell Asuka she needs to leave their ring. Asuka stares them down on the apron and makes her way to the back. She turns around at the top of the ramp and gives Emma and Dana a dirty looks as she leaves.

Breeze/Crews Backstage Segment

Breeze is backstage and is asked if he’s excited for his match at TakeOver against Apollo Crews. Breeze says he’s not going to comment on it and Crews comes by. Crews says he’s excited and will see Breeze next week before letting him pass.

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