Ranking Brock Lesnar’s 10 Greatest WWE Matches

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5. Brock Lesnar last eliminates The Undertaker to win the 2003 Royal Rumble

The rivalry between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker goes back a long time, folks. From their no-contest debut against each other at the 2002 Unforgiven pay-per-view, to their most recent encounter at SummerSlam this past August, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker have brought us some of the best moments in both of their careers.

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The 2003 Royal Rumble was no different. Lesnar’s night at the Rumble was the busiest of anyone on the card. Not only did Lesnar have to beat The Big Show (accompanied by Paul Heyman) in the opening match of the night, he had to beat Big Show just to gain entry into the Royal Rumble match.

Lesnar worked his way through the Big Show blockade and was the No. 29 entrant into the Royal Rumble match. After nine minutes of battling the young upstart Batista, The Undertaker’s brother Kane and The Undertaker himself, Lesnar found himself as the last man standing and the winner of his first Royal Rumble match.

Until Edge’s shocking victory at the 2010 Royal Rumble from the No. 29 spot, Brock Lesnar was the only person to win the Rumble from that same number.

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