Eric Bischoff’s Top 5 Moments as WWE Raw General Manager

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5) Eric Bischoff vs. Steve Austin at WWE No Mercy 2003

Vince McMahon gave Bischoff 30 days to turn Raw around because he hadn’t performed his duties well enough. He was eventually given a way that he could retain his job, which was by making Steve Austin his Co-General Manager.

Bischoff is known for firing Steve Austin by mail from WCW in 1995. Austin would soon head to WWE and become one of the company’s greatest stars.

While Austin got signed as Bischoff’s partner, the two were forced to wrestle at WWE No Way Out in 2003.

For the match, Bischoff came out in a black belt, gloves and a karate outfit. He was surely ready for a fight.

Austin then came out and got a huge pop in his big return.

Austin immediately went after Bischoff and crushed him with punches. The beating went on for minutes as Stone Cold let out all his frustrations against Bischoff for what he did 8 years earlier. Austin would hit a Stunner and go to pin Bischoff but pulled his arm up to toy with him. He went for the pin again but pulled up the arm a second time.

Austin then hit Stunner number two but he raised Bischoff’s arm again. The Rattlesnake ended it with a big flip of the bird and a huge Stunner to successfully pin Bischoff, who did not get in any offense.

What a start to the Austin-Bischoff era that turned into a lot of fun.

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