Eric Bischoff’s Top 5 Moments as WWE Raw General Manager

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4) Eric Bischoff Gets Chokeslammed off the Stage by Kane

On an episode of Raw, Triple H and Rob Van Dam had a Falls Count Anywhere match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The two began brawling on the stage but after Triple H hit RVD with the belt, he took the pin.

As The Game and Evolution were about the celebrate, Kane entered the stage, leading to the stable quickly fleeing down the ramp.

Kane would go after RVD and grab his throat. However, Bischoff was standing a few feet away yelling at Kane. It led to the Big Red Monster turning around, forcefully grabbing the throat of Bischoff and chokeslamming off the stage into a table.

It had to of been a five-foot drop. The bump he took right there did not look good as well. Either Kane was told to destroy Bischoff like that or he had a lot of anger and frustration.

This wasn’t the only time that Bischoff took his fair share of punishment, though.

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