Eric Bischoff’s Top 5 Moments as WWE Raw General Manager

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3) Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin’s Redneck Triathalon at Bad Blood 2003

Yes, you read that correctly—Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin had a Redneck Triathalon on an episode of Raw.

From 2003 to 2004, Bischoff and Austin shared the Raw GM duties, being billed as “Co-GM’s.” It sounds strange but provided some terrific pieces of TV for Raw, making it highly entertaining. The chemistry that these two had was phenomenal and it provided some great highlights, one of which being this Redneck Triathalon. It featured both men having to go through a series of hilarious challenges.

The first challenge was a burping contest. Whoever burped the loudest won. Of course, Austin won after Bischoff had a few bad attempts at burping.

The next challenge was a sing-off. Bischoff would go into the ring and lip sync his theme song “I’m back” (still one of the better themes in WWE history). Austin appeared on the screen and yelled at him for lip syncing. Bischoff then started singing and sounded dreadful.

Austin then spun the wheel again but purposely stopped it on “Pig Pen Fun.” It would lead to Austin tossing Bischoff into the disgusting mud after being hit with a Stone Cold Stunner.

This moment may have been more about Austin but Bischoff was the heel here. Silly things like this happened to the heel GM, who was often undermined by Austin. It led to some great moments like this.

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