Eric Bischoff’s Top 5 Moments as WWE Raw General Manager

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2) Eric Bischoff Reveals Himself as Billy and Chuck’s Commitment Ceremony Pastor

In 2002, WWE ran a storyline of Billy Gunn and Chuck Palombo being partners, resembling a homosexual couple without it ever being officially being acknowledged on TV. They did everything together and even gave each other rings. Plus, they had Rico, who had a very flamboyant character.

The program would culminate in a Commitment Ceremony for Billy and Chuck on an episode of SmackDown. It ended with Billy and Chuck saying they didn’t want this to go that far, revealing this ceremony as a “publicity stunt” and not actually liking each other. Yeah, it was a strange segment put together.

Anyway, the ceremony included an old pastor who had a lot of trouble speaking. He also tried breaking up the arguing going on between Rico and Billy and Chuck.

As the pastor was saying how long Billy and Chuck’s commitment could last, he said “3 minutes.” His voice immediately changed and got deeper, sounding very much like Eric Bischoff. The man removed his mask and it indeed turned out to be Eric Bischoff.

Nobody saw this coming when Bischoff revealed himself to be the pastor. It provided a shocking moment to an interesting segment that led to a feud between Bischoff of Raw and Stephanie McMahon, the GM of SmackDown.

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