WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis, Grades; Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

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Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas

Result: Cesaro defeats Bo Dallas via pinfall (pinning combination).

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Bo comes out and says that he feels Cesaro’s pain since he’s survived Suplex City. All Cesaro has to do to achieve his goals is Bo-lieve!

Cesaro starts the match by attempting to get Bo Dallas in a series of pinning combinations including wrapping his legs around Dallas and spinning him around on the mat. Bo gets in a little offence but moves to the outside after an uppercut. Dallas trips Cesaro up on the apron and Cesaro lands on his injured back. Dallas wraps the ring apron over Cesaro’s head and lays forearms into the Swiss Superman.

Dallas grounds Cesaro, but Cesaro manages to get Dallas into the intricate pinning combination he’s used before and catches Bo for a 3 count. Dallas is stunned after the loss. Cesaro goes into the crowd and celebrates with his fans.

Evan’s Note: What happened to the repackaging of Bo Dallas? Hopefully his more aggressive showing and his minor freak out after the match will really push his character in a new direction. Bo could be a really useful lower-mid carder if given a bit of direction. He’s had essentially no direction since joining the main roster.

There is a recap of the Nikki Bella-Charlotte match from Night of Champions and the celebration for Charlotte on RAW, but they don’t touch on the Paige pipebomb. Charlotte is announced to be next, so hopefully we’ll see some more Paige anger.

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