WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis, Grades; Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

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Divas Segment

Charlotte and Becky Lynch make their way out to address the crowd in Corpus Christi. Charlotte says whats up to the crowd and says the Divas division’s future has never been brighter. Paige interrupts her and says that she’s never been a team player and Charlotte should know that.

Paige comes into the ring and says that she’s a little mad about how she does want to be Divas champion and how Charlotte might not be woman enough to carry the title. She also tells Becky that maybe one day she will rise up to prove her wrong and win the Divas championship. Paige says she wants some recognition for starting the Divas Revolution, and when Becky tries to intervene Paige tells her to shut up because she is trying to apologize. Before Paige can finish, Natalya interrupts.

Natalya hugs Charlotte and Becky, then Paige calls Natalya a crazy cat lady. Natalya said this is the most exciting the Divas division has been since Paige showed up. Natalya says that Paige is better than being so petty. Paige says Natalya is right and she is better than that, and better than Natty. Paige says Natalya is clinging onto the younger Divas in trying to be relevant again and then slaps Natty before leaving the ring.

Evan’s Note: Heel Paige is just the best Paige. Especially her being a loner and not wanting any help from anyone or needing any teammates. Breaking up the teams and giving the Divas individual storylines and motivation is the best way to advance the division.

Kevin Owens & Rusev vs Ryback and Dolph Ziggler is announced to be up next.

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