WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 4 Early Choices to Win and Headline WrestleMania 32

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Notable Cuts

There’s a ton of WWE Superstars. However, many of them are at the point where they do not make the cut for this list.

Check out below some of the significant names who missed a spot on this list:

Seth Rollins

Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and may walk into WrestleMania 32 with the belt. However, Sheamus still looms with Money in the Bank and could cash in at any time. Couple this with an impending feud between Rollins and Triple H, meaning the former is unlikely to be a Royal Rumble favorite at this point.

Randy Orton

Orton will always be around, despite not being involved in significant programs since WWE Payback.

Orton last held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in April 2014, losing it at WrestleMania 30 to Daniel Bryan. The Viper’s title reign was dull and boring, so WWE may be hesitant to put the strap back on him.

Kevin Owens

If you asked any fan the question “is Kevin Owens a Royal Rumble favorite in 2016?” the answer would have been a definite “yes.” That’s not the case anymore after he lost two out of three matches to John Cena during the summer.

Owens may hold the WWE Intercontinental Championship but it’s only evidence of his upper mid-card status. It doesn’t guarantee he’ll get an ascension to the top like past IC Champions.

Speaking of Cena…

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