Five More People WWE Security Should Tackle

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After diffusing recent fan trespassing incidents at live events, WWE security is firing on all cylinders. Now let’s ponder who else they should take down.

Maybe it is just life imitating art. In recent weeks several now-exiled members of the WWE Universe chose to do the equivalent of a fan who runs onto a baseball field. It starts with a fan hurling a replica Money In The Bank briefcase at Roman Reigns. It continued at a SmackDown event when a crazy fan tried to stab Dean Ambrose. A third looney toon jumped the barricade at a Raw taping and marched with Seth Rollins down to the ring for the main event. In all instances, security dealt with the perpetrator, hopefully choking them out and locking them in the janitor’s closet.

So these things happen in threes and coincidentally it involved all members of the Shield. Fast forward to Night of Champions and just as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were about to reveal their secret partner to face The Wyatt Family, a grown man in homemade Shield-wear jumped in the ring and confronted the Reigns/Ambrose as if he was the third man. Just as soon as he entered the ring, security gang-tackled him in record time. He could have faced up to a half-year in prison, but the buffoon, who to lighten the mood we can call Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite (they were in Laredo), is now serving a ten-day sentence. Fun thing to put on every future job application.

So while Laredo’s Pedro was as confusing as his haircut in the movie, WWE security should be commended. With catlike reflexes they took down a potential threat in mere seconds.  They have a gift and it should not be wasted.

Here are five more people who deserve to be obliterated by WWE security.

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