Five More People WWE Security Should Tackle

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Martin Shkreli

If there’s one thing people on social media love, it’s ganging up on something that is obviously evil. Whether it’s Ray Rice’s spousal abuse, Donald Trump’s misogyny or Hulk Hogan’s racial rant, people swell up with hate for a few days and then either accept the person’s peer-pressured apology or they move on to scolding someone else. However, Turin Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli has earned full American heel status when he chose to raise the price of an AIDS medication Daraprim from $13 to $750 per tablet, you know, because profits first, people tenth. Never has the internet focused their venom on one individual with such intensity.

The opinion of thinking that Big Pharma CEOs are only in it for the money, and looking as patients as customers, has now been further amplified. (Read up on California’s draconian SB 277 debate to get another whiff.) Well, Mr. Shkreli is item #1 on WWE Security’s tackling checklist.

In the material world, WWE security should simply barge into the Turin offices and go full Terry Tate, Office Linebacker on him. In the cyberworld, hackers should, and actually have, used their powers for good as they have publicized the CEO’s personal info (phone/address/email) all over the Internet. I feel bad for anyone who was already talking to him on OKCupid, but at least he now has a conversation starter.

Now only if there was a website that cataloged other crooked pharma executives like Ashley Madison catalogued people who were up for some side play.

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