Five More People WWE Security Should Tackle

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Colin Cowherd

Robert Flores, Jonathan Coachman, Michelle Beadle, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd. All have/do work for ESPN. One is a pain-in-the-wrestling-fan’s-arse.

Colin Cowherd has never been one to dilute his opinions. For ten years, he was that knowledgeable, obnoxious voice you heard on ESPN Radio and SportsNation. Unfortunately, his controversial remarks about Dominican baseball players cut his tenure at ESPN short and know he’s on air at Fox Sports back at full blast, with his derogatory “knuckle-dragging, booger-eating” descriptor of wrestling fans. Jim Ross isn’t a fan of Cowherd’s for all the right reasons.

Is Cowherd now off the hook since he’s on a less-visible network? No, in fact it would be easier for WWE Security to get past Fox Sports 1 security, because unlike ESPN, Brock Lesnar isn’t working the gate. In fact, Brock should tag along and take Colin Cowherd to Suplex City, because being confident in your opinion and accurate in your opinion are two different things.

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