5 Superstars Who Could Be the Next WWE United States Champion

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Photo Credit: WWE.com

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is in an interesting situation that seemingly benefits WWE in a big way. Typically, when superstars get injured, fans know approximately when they will return. But with Bryan, we all know he’s already been cleared by doctors, he just hasn’t been cleared by WWE’s doctors because they’re not sure how to handle a superstar as apparently injury-prone as Bryan. But one thing is for sure, when they do finally bring him back, the fans are going to go insane.

Daniel Bryan is arguably the most popular superstar in the company. No matter what he does when he returns, the fans will be behind him 100%. So what could be better than a feud with Cena over the U.S. title?

Obviously it would be face vs face, a better man wins type of deal, but it would be electric nonetheless. The quality of matches between the two would be amazing, and if Bryan were to be the successor to the title, that only further cements it as a legitimate championship. Also, if WWE is worried about Bryan’s injury history, they likely won’t put him in a WWE World Heavyweight title feud for a long time, so a U.S. title feud is the next best thing.

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