5 Superstars Who Could Be the Next WWE United States Champion

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Tyler Breeze

As possibly the only NXT heel who is ready for the main roster, Breeze would be a no-brainer choice to feud with Cena over the U.S. title.

A lot of people would probably be surprised to see Breeze make a main roster debut before the likes of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. Logically, it seems like he’s due for an NXT title run at some point, just based on how big of a superstar he is at that level. While it would likely mean sacrificing that part of his NXT experience, an early Breeze call up would make a lot of sense. Cena could criticize how self-centered Breeze is, while Breeze says typical heel things like “You’re not worthy of that title blah blah blah”. Also, as far as heels worthy of a title shot, Breeze seems to be only one not locked into a storyline.

This would also make sense because Cena wouldn’t have to lose cleanly. Obviously no babyface is going to use shenanigans to beat Cena, but Breeze could pull the classic “Do something cheap while the referee isn’t looking” so he can take the belt, without Super Cena having to take a clean loss.

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