WWE Raw Armchair Creative: Fantasy Booking the Sep. 28 Show

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Segment No. 2 – 8:17 to 8:24

– Continue the U.S. Championship match.
– Make sure Cesaro looks good without taking too much punishment.
– Have Miz gain momentum before going into the next commercial.

Segment No. 3 – 8:29 to 8:41

– Come back to see Miz in control.
– Miz and Cesaro brawl in the ring as match winds down. Miz hits low blow but Cena comes up on Miz, hits AA and wins to retain the title.
– After the match ends, have Cena get on the microphone to offer Cesaro another opportunity.
– Have Cesaro accept but say he doesn’t want it on Raw, he wants a match at Hell in a Cell for the title. Cesaro walks off with no answer given from Cena.

These segments achieved multiple things.

First, Cesaro did not take a pinfall in this match. Miz was used as the guy for it because there’s no reason to protect him. He’s not doing anything meaningful and seemingly won’t be anytime soon.

Second, you set up a potential Hell in a Cell match but didn’t finalize it. Cesaro’s response would make fans want to see more. Is Cena going to accept the challenge? Will he make Cesaro go through a process to prove himself? You would have to tune into Raw next time to find out what happens next.

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