WWE Raw Armchair Creative: Fantasy Booking the Sep. 28 Show

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Segment No. 4 – 8:47 to 8:52

The Authority with Kane in Office

– Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walk into Kane’s office and question him about last week. Kane questions what they’re talking about. Triple H and Stephanie say they will assess Kane’s role in The Authority by the end of the night. Seth Rollins then walks in and talks about his match later tonight, which is a six-man tag bout of Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

Renee Young Interviews Paige

– Renee asks Paige about last week’s explosive rant. Paige says it was only the beginning and walks away.

Paige Promo

– Cut to Paige’s entrance music playing. She walks down to the ring for a promo before heading to commercial. Tease what she could say.

Segment No. 5 – 8:57 to 9:06

– Begin Paige’s promo.
– Talk about how she meant everything last week.
– Insult Charlotte as champion. Talk about how she doesn’t deserve the title.
– Have Team B.A.D. come out and cut her off. Sasha Banks talks about not forgetting she has beat Paige over and over again.
– Sasha and Naomi compliment Paige’s recent attitude change but Sasha says she wants her chance at the Divas Championship.
– Sasha and Naomi begin arguing.
– Have Team Bella come out. Have Nikki hit on why she deserves a rematch first before anyone else.
– Have Charlotte come out. Have her give Paige a chance to become a no. 1 contender despite her attitude right now with a match against Naomi.

This sets up a big no. 1 contender’s match next. It gives Paige a chance to get a win. Plus, the first signs of tensions between Team B.A.D. became evident. Will it mean anything for the next segment?

Kane’s status is also up in the air. Normally, he shouldn’t be a major part of a WWE storyline in this part of his career. But since WWE has already put him in that slot in this feud with Seth Rollins, it has to be dealt with.

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