WWE Raw Armchair Creative: Fantasy Booking the Sep. 28 Show

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Kevin Owens vs. Heath Slater

– Have Owens win within minutes.

Again, segments that make you want more. While it’s likely the announcement of Charlotte vs. Nikki vs. Paige would be made for Hell in a Cell, it’s always possible Charlotte vs. Nikki could be made for next week.

The next segment is all about Owens. No “Even Stevens” booking here, as he looks strong in multiple facets. He gets plenty of momentum heading into next week. Plus, Ryback’s status also looks to be in question now.

Segment No. 9 – 9:47 to 9:53

Dudley Boyz vs. Los Matadores

– Have New Day on commentary for this.
– Dudley Boyz defeat Los Matadores in minutes.
– Dudleys and New Day stare each other down after the match.

Segment No. 10 – 9:59 to 10:06

Paul Heyman Promo

– Have Heyman discuss the announcement of Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker at Hell in a Cell.
– Let him sell the fans on the match.

Both segments include plenty of simplicity. The Dudley Boyz get another win going into this weekend’s WWE MSG show, where they will take on New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Heyman also gets to do his thing on the microphone. He can sell a match like no one else so give him the mic and let him talk for however long he needs to talk about Undertaker vs. Lesnar.

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