WWE RAW Preview: Seth Rollins Returns from Hell Edition

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Courtesy of WWE.com

Demon Kane Wants Rollins

As mentioned in the opening slide, Demon Kane returned and had his eyes set on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. To close the show last week, the demon version of Kane popped through the ring and dragged Rollins back down with him. It’s still unclear what we are seeing with Kane. Does he have two distinct personalities that we can see, but he can’t? Or does he know exactly what he is doing, and playing mind games with the champion?  SmackDown painted a similar story, with the corporate version of Kane having no idea what happened at the end of Monday’s show.

Could tonight lend more information about what has happened to Kane, and what his master plan could be? Rollins is sure to be on high alert, as the Demon Kane is still looking for revenge and could strike at any moment. What role could the Authority play in getting to the bottom of this; or could they be involved in this master plan? What will Corporate Kane put Rollins through tonight, and how will it end with Demon Kane getting involved?

This is obviously setting up for a Masked Kane vs. Seth Rollins match for the title at Hell in a Cell. How we get there and what twists and turns happen along the way are anybody’s guess.

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