WWE RAW Preview: Seth Rollins Returns from Hell Edition

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Diva’s Revolution, Act 2

Paige ruined the celebration of Charlotte’s first Diva’s Championship reign with what could be considered the promo of the year. Calling out all the diva’s, including her former PCB teammates, Paige once again isolated herself from the diva’s division. Her biggest claim, that she is the one to start this revolution, is one that many fans can agree with. It was Paige at the center of the change in the diva’s division, a change that brought Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch up to the main roster.

The lone-wolf Paige has set her eyes on Charlotte and that Diva’s title, a belt she feels that she deserves. This promo has been considered by many as the segue into act two for the diva’s revolution. Over the course of the first couple of months, the revolution has had its moments of success: long matches, better quality of wrestling. Things felt like they were turning around. Then it became stale again. The title change felt rushed, and they still protected the streak of Nikki Bella. At the end of the day, there wasn’t much progress.

This promo gave some hope to those that want to see a change in women’s wrestling. It won’t matter unless they continue to follow-up with it, which we should be able to answer after tonight.

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