WWE RAW Preview: Seth Rollins Returns from Hell Edition

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Courtesy of WWE.com

Orton joining forces with Ambrose and Reigns?

Before their loss at Night of Champions, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were seen talking to Randy Orton. One could only assume that the two brothers were asking Orton if he would be interested in join their squad for a match with the Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. Later that night, the Wyatt Family took out Randy Orton, sidelining him for the foreseeable future. Or so we thought.

Last week, as the Wyatt Family were beating down Ambrose and Reigns, a familiar theme hit. Orton came running out to make the save, and seemingly align himself with Reigns and Ambrose in their war with the Wyatts. This feud has escalated with each passing PPV, from it just being Wyatt and Reigns to now being six-men battling it out. With the next two PPV’s being Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, one can only imagine what this story has planned.

Tonight should give us a definite answer whether or not Orton is with Reigns and Ambrose. If he is, then the sides are back to being even. If not, Reigns and Ambrose are once again outnumbered.  One thing is for sure, we will get another Bray Wyatt promo that will involve Braun Strowman, and that’s best for business.

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