WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades; Road to Hell in a Cell

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Paul Heyman Promo

Hush, this is the best part of Raw.

Heyman says anyone who steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar will go to hell. He says hell will descend into Madison Square Garden when Lesnar defeats Big Show.

Heyman says he knows Show better than anyone else. He says Show has grown to be complacent and bored because he’s not motivated. He says Show cannot be pushed to his limits.

Heyman says Show’s KO punch worries him. He says Lesnar told him to come to Buffalo to say he will take Show to Suplex City.

Show then comes out. He mocks Heyman’s words and claims Lesnar is afraid of him. He tells Heyman to finish promoting the “Go to Hell” tour. He says it will be “Eat, sleep, beat Brock Lesnar, repeat.”

Rob’s Note: Well, this should have been the best part of Raw but it fell flat. Why wasn’t the main event of Hell in a Cell mentioned once?

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