WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades; Road to Hell in a Cell

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Miz TV with Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Miz welcomes out Charlotte and Becky.

Miz talks about Charlotte and Becky getting decimated by Team Bella. Becky brings up how Miz almost got attacked last time.

Miz asks about the “cat fight” between Team PCB. Charlotte says it’s time for what Paige said to be addressed. She says Paige can either walk down to the ring face to face or throw down. Miz gets angry at this but Becky takes his mic and throws it away.

Instead, Team Bella comes out. Nikki says she wanted to say thank you while Team Bella is more united than ever. She says she feels bad for Charlotte because the latter is going to be a “hot mess.” Charlotte says for Nikki to come into the ring so she can make her tap out again.

Nikki says all reigns come to an end. Nikki says not Paige but herself started the Divas Revolution. Charlotte says that’s where they’re both wrong. She says it’s all about the fans believing in the women.

Alicia Fox brings up the numbers game and the two sides almost fight. Paige comes out and says Nikki did not start the Divas Revolution. Paige says Charlotte and Becky wouldn’t be on the main roster if it wasn’t for her. She says Charlotte wouldn’t be champion and people still wouldn’t know Becky’s name.

Paige says to the Bellas with boyfriends like theirs, who needs ambition? A brawl then broke out between the two sides.

Rob’s Note: This was fantastic. All parties gave strong promos in this and for the second straight week, the Divas Revolution kind of felt important. Paige’s line at the end about Nikki and Brie boyfriends was the icing on the cake.

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