WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades; Road to Hell in a Cell

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Bo Dallas Promo

Dallas welcomes the Buffalo Bills, who are at ringside. They say they’re missing a Super Bowl trophy. He says they have to Bo-lieve to get it.

Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas

Result: Randy Orton defeats Bo Dallas via pinfall.

Dallas tries to get in offense but Orton takes him down and out of the ring. Orton hits multiple uppercuts and throws him into the barricade.

Orton hits a backbreaker in the ring and a DDT off the ropes. He sets up the RKO and hits it.

Kevin Owens vs. Rusev

Result: Match ends in a DQ.

Ryback was on commentary for this match.

Rusev and Owens began brawling immediately. Rusev hit a fall away slam on Owens. Outside the ring, Rusev ran into Ryback and they began brawling. Owens joined in and helped Rusev to cause the DQ.

Dolph Ziggler ran down to make the save and send the heels flying.

Rob’s Note: That’s all for these two feuds in a three-hour show? Yikes.

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