10 Ways Seth Rollins Can Now Spend His Time

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While the WWE Universe tries to absorb the news of Seth Rollins’ injury, the former WWE champion now has more time on his hands. So what should he do with it?

We thought Seth Rollins was invincible. An acrobatic, cross-fit-infused super athlete possibly transported back in time to show us that he is better than all humanoids. However, at a live event this week in Dublin, Rollins tore his right knee apart. If you are not good with graphic images… too late. Jonathan Coachmen tweeted the heartwarming screen capture below.

WWE has already revealed that a new champion will be crowned at Survivor Series via a tournament (that should go better than the recent King of the Ring competition). Many wrestling writers and fans are asking who is most qualified to replace Rollins as WWE Champion.

However, no one is asking how Seth Rollins will be spending the 6-9 months of his life. What is he going to do with his time now that he has been removed from the WWE locomotive?

The answers… start… HERE!!!

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