7 Ways to Unrealistically Boost WWE Raw Ratings

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How will Raw survive its ratings slump? Daily DDT breaks down some unrealistic solutions.


Vince McMahon now yells this exclamation in groups of ten whenever the Raw ratings come out. We could always squash this whole ratings issue because of Monday Night Football, Hulu, DVR, wrestler injuries, etc, but the Chairman has never been someone who lets terms be dictated to him. He does the dictating.

However, numbers are numbers and it seems that in less than a year Raw has lost  roughly 1 million viewers per week. At this rate, Raw viewership should hover between 200-300 fans by WrestleMania season.

But this is WWE g-dammit! The kingdom of everything sports entertainment [pro wrestling]. The land that brought us Hogan, Warrior, Hart, Michaels, Austin, Rock, Taker, Cena, Eugene!

Now the obvious move would be to poo-poo everything the WWE is doing wrong, but thanks to Twitter and every wrestling blog and podcast, you can get that anywhere. We here at Daily DDT believe in solutions, g-dammit!

And who needs to be realistic when WWE itself is unreality. So let’s get unrealistic and fix the machine!

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