WWE WrestleMania 32 Match Card Projections 7.0

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Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The André the Giant Battle Royal will likely be annual as it gives WWE Superstars who would not normally be on the WrestleMania card an opportunity to compete. The match has been also been a success both years, so we can assume they will go to it next year.

The first two winners have been Big Show and Cesaro. The win did something for the Swiss Superman for a brief time, but Show didn’t get much of a run coming off the win. This may be due to age or that he doesn’t need a push like others might.

Right now, it’s impossible to figure out who will be the hot mid-card talent that will get a chance to shine a year in advance. We saw Cesaro get that chance at WrestleMania 30 as well as Damien Mizdow at WrestleMania 31. Maybe an NXT star gets a shot at making a name for himself better than Hideo Itami did. Could this be Finn Balor’s debut? How about Baron Corbin taking home the trophy if he’s ready for a call-up?

We won’t know how the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal field will shape up until next February, so speculate away.

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