Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results: AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Video Highlights


A look at what happened during one of the marquee Wrestle Kingdom 10 matches between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles.

Outside of the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura defending the IWGP Intercontinental Championship against AJ Styles took place as one of the top matches at Wrestle Kingdom 10. These two have never faced off before, so this should be a fresh and fun match-up.

However, Styles is dealing with a back injury that while originally put his status in doubt, doesn’t seem to be enough of an issue for him to miss the event. The former TNA star wrestled at ROH’s Final Battle event on Dec. 18 and was able to finish a fifteen-minute match. Would he be able to defeat one of NJPW’s top stars?

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The challenger, AJ Styles came out first, rocking a Bullet Club mask.

Next up, the IWGP Intercontinental champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, strutted down the aisle with his usual swagger.

After some initial back and forth attacks, the taunting started to come out, here, Nakamura “eats a bullet.”

To no surprise, Nakamura worked AJ’s back right from the start, but it has yet to slow down Styles as he shows off his incredible agility.

Fairly early in the match, Nakamura nails a Boma-Ye from the second rope! Styles was able to kick out and continue the match.

The match picked up quickly, with numerous amazing sequences from both wrestlers. The crowd is the loudest it’s been the entire night for these two.

Styles reversed a submission hold into a nasty looking Styles Clash, Nakamura was able to kick out, which is a rare achievement whenever Styles lands this move.

Nakamura was able to recover with a sick Landslide that turned the tides in his favor for the rest of the bout.

After an amazing Boma-Ye to the back of Styles’ head, Nakamura immediately followed up with another one and got the pin to retain his title.

Post-match, AJ reciprocated a fist bump, giving some respect to the champ.

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AJ Styles came into this match with a back injury, which was played up throughout the match as Nakamura focused in on AJ’s weak spot. The match picked up quickly with finishers from both men, and crowd was highly into this one once things got going. Nakamura was able to gain momentum and didn’t let up with a Boma-Ye to the back of the head, and then another straight to the mug, getting the 1-2-3 against Styles.

An amazing match, that had everything you would expect from two men with this much talent. I feel like they have more to give, and wouldn’t mind seeing a re-match in the near future. The crowd was extremely vocal which just added to the drama, a wonderful job done by both wrestlers.