Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results: Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Video Highlights


A look at what happened in the Wrestle Kingdom 10 main event between Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Tonight’s Wrestle Kingdom 10 event was headlined by Okada defending the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Tanahashi. The long time NJPW star won the right to challenge for the title in the Wrestle Kingdom 10 main event at the Aug. G1 25 Climax event. He then defended this against Bad Luck Fale and Tetsuya Naito.

Tanahashi is no stranger to Wrestle Kingdom main events, as he has been in the last match of 7 of these events. Could he capture the IWGP Championship once again on NJPW’s biggest stage?

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Tanahashi is out first, followed by the champ, Okada, who comes out with a gold backdrop and money being sprayed all over the Tokyo Dome.

After a lot of mat work, the two made their way outside of the ring where Okada decided to take flight in impressive style.

They eventually made their way back into the ring with Okada trying to slow down the challenger with a Senton.

Tanahashi decided early to focus on Okada’s knee, to take away his base, weakening how much impact “The Rainmaker” will have later on in the match.

Again, the two made their way to the outside, Okada via a Slingblade on the apron, and Tanahashi by a High Fly Flow, Okada narrowly made it back into the ring before being counted out.

A beautiful reverse neckbreaker by Okada, but you’ll notice the pain in his knee after performing the move. Tanahashi has been relentless at working on the foundation of Okada.

Okada with a beautiful coast-to-coast, that slowed Tanahashi for only moments.

Okada with a Tombstone and then a Rainmaker to try and end the match, but Tanahashi somehow kicked out!

High Fly Flow by Okada, and then a Rainmaker by Tanahashi, the counters continue in this one!

Two High Fly Flows, one to the back, and one to the chest, but Okada somehow kicks out, bringing the fans to a fever pitch! Tanahashi yet again goes to the air, but this time gets drop kicked into oblivion. Okada lands a final Rainmaker and gets the huge win over his rival.

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Unlike Styles and Nakamura – who just wrestled one on one for the first time – these two went back and forth with plenty of reversals, showing familiarity throughout the entire match. The pace picked up to the benefit of Tanahashi who did everything he could to keep Okada off his feet, but ultimately came up short.

This match easily garnered the loudest reactions of the night as the crowd became unusually vocal for both wrestlers. In the end, Okada was able to land the final blow and get the win, in what was the match of the night for me. Only negative was how much time was spent on Okada’s leg, and it really never came into play as he continued to use dropkicks throughout. Nonetheless, an amazing match to end a fun night of wrestling, get your eyes on this entire show as soon as possible!