WWE Raw Results: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus Video Highlights


The new year isn’t starting off easy for WWE champion Roman Reigns as he’s been thrown into the hot seat on the first Raw of 2016.

After destroying Triple H, insulting Stephanie McMahon, and getting Mr. McMahon fired, Roman Reigns must defend his title against Sheamus with Vince as the special referee. If he loses, it’s the end of his career. Will the League of Nations get involved? Will Triple H return? Will Vince call it right down the middle?

The Boss himself, Vince McMahon flexed his peaks on the way to the ring, looking more brash than ever.  Does this look like a ref who is ready to call a fair match?

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The “Irish Warrior” Sheamus was next, basking in the lights of the arena!

While Sheamus and McMahon were getting chummy in the ring, the WWE Champion Roman Reigns made his way through the crowd!

For obvious reasons, Reigns didn’t want to hand over the gold to McMahon, since it could be for the last time.

Sheamus didn’t wait for the bell and got the jump on Reigns, nailing him in the corner with clothesline and power shots.  Reigns battled back, but it didn’t take long before McMahon showed which side he was definitely on with a very fast count.

Both men exchanged shots before Reigns got the upper hand with a series of clotheslines in the corner, but then they tumbled to the outside where McMahon refused to make the 10-count. He also didn’t seem to notice Sheamus using the steps to his advantage.

After a brutal suplex onto the announcer’s table, Sheamus maintained the upper hand while McMahon cheers him on.  Reigns and Sheamus continues to exchange blows until Reigns came back once again with a trio of clotheslines, building up a head of momentum! A Samoan Drop got a VERY slow count from McMahon, leading to a brief confrontation between him and Reigns.

An incredible show of Reigns’ power led to another slow count from McMahon, who stopped because something was apparently in his eye.

But Sheamus returned with a rollup which got a quick count from McMahon! Yet, when Reigns retaliated with a Superman Punch, it got yet another count slower than cold molasses.

Finally fed up, Reigns gave a Superman Punch to McMahon, and then a spear on Sheamus! He went for the pin and the sure win but McMahon was knocked out!

After putting Sheamus down with a Driveby kick, Reigns is all alone with McMahon. Does he put a whoopin’ on the Chairman of the Board?

That seemed to be the plan until Stephanie McMahon came down to the ring and, having totally lost it at this point, Reigns took Mr. McMahon and hurled him right into her.  Just as Reigns was about to deliver the spear to Mr. McMahon, Sheamus interrupted with a Brogue Kick, and corrupt referee Scott Armstrong came in to try for the fast count. Reigns barely kicked out at two!

Undaunted, Reigns came back with a Superman Punch on Armstrong, but also on Sheamus. A brand new referee showed up just in time to deliver the three-count and the win for Reigns!

Afterwards, an angry Vince McMahon announced that Reigns would next defend his champion in the Royal Rumble match, meaning he’d have to survive the 29 other competitors to keep the gold!

While the McMahons were pleased as punch at the bombshell they just dropped, Reigns was left stunned to figure out his next move.

Travis’ Thoughts: Strong power match with very little finesse and lots of slugfests. Reigns looked strong in victory, but Sheamus looks like a chump for having two corrupt referees on his side and still losing. This one was all about the post-match announcement which is a shocker and a horrible long-term idea. However, in the short-term it could work for setting up a Reigns heel turn.