Should Sami Zayn Be Called Up Due to John Cena’s Injury?


Yet another WWE Superstar is down, this time, it’s John Cena. So to help stop the bleeding, should Sami Zayn come directly back to the main roster?

With news coming out recently of John Cena’s shoulder injury, which will mostly likely keep him out of WrestleMania 32, the internet has been buzzing about what WWE will do in light of their dwindling roster. Keep in mind, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Nikki Bella, Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd are currently on the injured list for the foreseeable future. If you also include Daniel Bryan, right now every champion from WrestleMania 31 is currently inactive, what a bummer that is for the WWE and the fans.

So the question becomes who will help fill in for not only Cena, but the overall lack of star power on the main roster? Well, if the rumors are true, some help may be coming from New Japan, but the WWE Universe as a whole will be unfamiliar with Karl Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura (although fans should take to Nakamura somewhat quickly), Doc Gallows never really got over while in WWE, leaving only AJ Styles to immediately help pick up the slack, which he most assuredly will do once he joins the roster.

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While those guys will be exciting to watch for some fans, WWE needs to bring back someone who will have instant impact and familiarity with a larger fan base within the WWE. With such a critical need, it only makes sense to bring Sami Zayn right back to the main roster and forego spending much – if any – time at NXT, and here’s why.

First, he’s done pretty much everything he could in NXT; he won over the fans, put on some classic matches, became the face of the promotion for awhile, and eventually won the NXT title, albeit for only a short period of time. Second, his biggest rival, Kevin Owens, is currently on the main roster, it’s fair to say their story is not yet over, and to have him return to face Owens in a feud that could eventually lead to a match for the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania 32 is something basically every fan would love to see. Third, technically Zayn was already called up, when he faced John Cena for the U.S. title on Raw, had it not been for his injury, the rumor was he would stayed on the main roster, instead, his spot went to Kevin Owens.

Going back to NXT does nothing to help the problems on the main roster, and only slows the progress for those currently in NXT, who are trying to solidify their main event status. Aside from having a match or two, to put guys like Apollo Crews or Baron Corbin over, sending Zayn right back into the NXT main event scene seems redundant for the fans, and unnecessary for Zayn, considering where he’s at in his career.

Due to a shoulder injury of his own that kept Zayn out for seven months, his first match back was not too long ago against Finn Balor on December 10th, 2015 during NXT’s UK-tour. A raucous crowd welcomed the beaming babyface, and in this video you can see just how much people love him.

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At this point, it’s all hands on deck for the WWE, and if they have a guy like Zayn – who garners big reactions – in their back pocket, there’s no better time than now to unleash him, yet again, to the WWE Universe.