WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Match Video Highlights


Follow along with the results from tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble match.

The main event of tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view is the traditional over the top rope battle royal, only this year it has a whole lot more on the line for the winner. Usually, the man who outlasts 29 other men to win goes straight to the main event at WrestleMania to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This year though we saw Roman Reigns defend that title in the match, the first time a champion has defended his title in the 30 man Royal Rumble match.

Reigns headed in with a handful of men with the potential to take that title away from him. Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and the potential of Triple H making an in-ring come back have all been made pretty obvious for the match in the last few weeks of WWE tv. We were even buoyed by the fact of some potential surprise entrants, including former ROH, TNA and NJPW star AJ Styles.

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Lets find out how the match went.

Roman Reigns made his way out through the crowd to a chorus of boos, followed by number 2 entrant Rusev. Rusev was accompanied by Lana on tv for the first time in a while. They went at it with some big punches and power moves. Rusev lasted less than 2 minutes before taking a spear and then being thrown over the top rope.

OH MY GOD!! Number 3 is AJ STYLES!! The crowd popped massively for Styles and Reigns looked like he knew he was about to get booed even more. Styles took a minute to soak up the crowd.

Styles looked to hit a Styles Clash but was hit with a Samoan Drop. Out came number 4, Tyler Breeze who went after both men. Breeze didn’t last long before being eliminated by both men.

All four members of Social Outcasts came out, but it was Curtis Axel who was entrant number 5. Styles and Reigns combined to eliminate him.

Number 6 would be Chris Jericho. Jericho, Styles and Reigns stared each other down for a few seconds, before Jericho took out Reigns then went at it with Styles. The crowd absolutely love Styles. After another teased Styles clash on Jericho, Kane came out as entrant number 7. Kane goes to work on all three men in the ring, with the crowd still massively behind AJ Styles. The ring began to fill up somewhat as Goldust came out at number 8.

Reigns and Kane squared off in one corner, with Jericho and Goldust in another as Styles was down. Ryback came out as number 9. Ryback took on everyone in the ring and stood tall, for a second it looked as though Jericho and Goldust would combine to eliminate the Big Guy. After retaining the Tag Team Championship earlier in the night Kofi Kingston was accompanied by the rest of New Day as he came out at number 10.

In the ring, Styles was on the receiving end of a big back drop from Ryback, before again being throw over the top rope to come back into the ring under the bottom. Titus O’Neil would enter as number 11, and immediately go after Styles, before focusing on Kane and Goldust. Titus would eventually eliminate Goldust. Kane and Jericho would team up to take on Titus.

R-Truth came out as number 12. In keeping with his recent “I don’t know whats happening” gimmick, he pulled a ladder out from under the ring and set it up to claim the title, only to get thrown out by Kane. Kane would throw Kofi over the top rope, Kingston would be caught by Big E and the three members of New Day would celebrate around the ring. Luke Harper would come out at number 13.

Vince McMahon would come out of nowhere with the League of Nations to drag Reigns under the bottom rope and destroy him around the ring. The ring is really filling up as Stardust comes out as number 14. The action in the ring becomes pointless as Rusev runs across the announce tables to splash Reigns through the Spanish announce table to smiles from Vince.

Vince celebrated with the League of Nations as Big Show came out as number 15. Show immediately eliminates both Titus O’Neill and Ryback in quick succession. Whilst we look at the action in the ring, a stretcher is brought out for Reigns who is down at ringside.

Neville is next out as number 16, he goes after Harper before AJ Styles tries to eliminate him. Jericho and Styles square off in a corner as the crowd bellows out another big Styles chant. As we head into the second half of the match Braun Strowman comes down the aisle at number 17. Strowman quickly eliminates Kane then the Big Show, he’s getting a big push by the looks of this.

A battered Kevin Owens comes out next, number 18 doesn’t look like he’ll be here for long as he limps to the ring. A dream match breaks out as Owens and Styles clash in the middle of the ring. Owens is the recipient of the boos as he eliminates Styles after a super kick. Styles leaves the arena to a massive chant, as Owens waves him goodbye.

Number 19, Dean Ambrose, is out next and heads straight for Owens, continuing their match from earlier in the night. Owens and Ambrose batter each other, only for Owens’ night to get worse as Sami Zayn comes out as number 20. Zayn goes toe to toe with Owens before throwing Owens over the top rope, the crowd love Sami!

Eric Rowan enters as number 21, heading straight for Chris Jericho. We now have three members of the Wyatt Family in the ring, with only Bray Wyatt still to come. The Wyatts combine to get rid of Stardust and Neville before taking everyone else in the ring down. Mark Henry enters next at number 22, but is quickly eliminated by the Wyatts, followed soon after by Sami Zayn.

Brock Lesnar is here to take on the Wyatts, entering number 23. He German suplexes Harper, Rowan and Strowman, then eliminates Rowan. Braun Strowman looks to have the better of Lesnar but Lesnar powers out to take him down. Number 24 is Jack Swagger, after a quick F5 from Lesnar he is gone from the match. Lesnar stands tall as The Miz enter at number 25, but The Miz heads to the commentary table and does a bit of commentary.

As The Miz talks about taking his opportunity at the right time, Lesnar throws Harper out of the match. Alberto Del Rio comes out at number 26. We still haven’t seen Reigns return. Lesnar clothes lines Strowman over the top to eliminate the entire Wyatt Family, only for Bray Wyatt to come out next at number 27.

As Wyatt comes to the ring, Strowman, Harper and Rowan come back in to team up on Lesnar. Brock takes them all out again and then faces off with Wyatt, who takes a quick ride to Suplex City. As Lesnar has Wyatt up for the F5 the Wyatts come back in to help Bray hit Sister Abigail on Brock, Lesnar is then tossed over the top rope by all four of them. It looks like we may get Bray vs Brock at WrestleMania.

Dolph Ziggler is number 28 and this is when the Miz gets into the ring, Miz tries to get rid of Ziggler but can’t. Sheamus heads out at number 29 and looks confident, until Roman Reigns ambushes him with a Superman Punch. Reigns gets rid of a couple of men as the boos begin to rain down on him.

Reigns takes out everyone in the ring and stands tall, the countdown hits 1 and a familiar theme plays out…here comes Triple H to get his payback on Reigns. Dolph Ziggler looks to attack, only to eat a Pedigree. Reigns takes out Wyatt with a Spear then goes toe to toe with Triple H. The crowd are booing the hell out of Reigns and cheering everything that Triple H does.

Chris Jericho comes back into it and takes down everyone. Dolph Ziggler looks to eliminate Triple H again, hitting a super kick on the apron, before being eliminated himself. Triple H tries to make a deal with Bray but Wyatt attacks him instead. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, only for Sheamus to come back and Brogue Kick him.

Triple H and Sheamus are nearly eliminated by Reigns before Jericho and Ambrose come back into it. Triple H and Jericho go against each other, then Ambrose throws out Jericho. Reigns manages a Superman punch on Triple H as Ambrose and Sheamus battle each other. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick to knock Sheamus down. Sheamus gets eliminated, then shockingly Triple H manages to throw Reigns over the top. We will have a new Champion!

The final two men are Triple H and Dean Ambrose. This is unreal!

Ambrose hits his clothesline off the ropes. With Triple H on the apron Ambrose looked to knock him off, but Triple H manages to back drop him over the top and becomes your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie and Vince McMahon come into the ring to celebrate with Triple H. Triple H will be in the main event of WrestleMania.