WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 3 Reasons Why the Battle Royal Match was Great

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1) AJ Styles debuts in the WWE

The wrestling universe had been hearing rumors for weeks now that AJ Styles had signed a WWE contract. He was also thrown into reports that he was signed along with New Japan wrestlers Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson. While those other men did not debut in the Royal Rumble match, AJ Styles did with authority. He came out to the crowd at the number 3 slot, and the crowd went wild. Most of the wrestling world believed Styles would be saved for later in the match; possibly at number 30.

Roman Reigns and Styles went at it! Causing the crowd to go into a ruckus. Styles was able to eliminate Social Outcasts member Curtis Axel very early in the match.

Another awesome part of seeing AJ Styles debut in the Royal Rumble is all the different people he got to interact with. For example his mini fights with Chris Jericho.

We also got to see an epic slugfest between Styles and Kevin Owens. Owens ended up eliminating Styles from the match. This however was a very positive booking decision, if it leads to the two facing off at WrestleMania or maybe even FastLane. Owens being the top heel in the company needed to eliminate Styles to get the crowd to hate him even more.

Styles should become a prominent figure in the WWE landscape, considering the fact that he will most likely not be going through the NXT process. Here is to WWE to getting the fans to jump off their seats, and start the Royal Rumble off with a bang.

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