Dean Ambrose is Grabbing WWE’s Brass Ring


Dean Ambrose has become the babyface that WWE is so desperate for, it’s a shame they don’t want to acknowledge it.

When Vince McMahon appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast last year he spoke about too many young guys on the WWE roster not standing out. In short, it was not grabbing the proverbial brass ring set out in front of them. Whether that is true or not is debatable, as several guys on the main roster are doing everything to be the top babyface. In a world where Roman Reigns is Vince’s choice to replace John Cena as No. 1 guy for the company, it seems that whatever anyone else does they’ll never take that spot from the chosen one.

At a time when nothing that Reigns does gets him much more than mild apathy from the crowd, maybe it’s time to realise that he was the wrong member of The Shield to chose as the top babyface. Let’s not forget that at the 2015 Royal Rumble, Reigns was booed out of the building on the way to winning. Even an appearance from The Rock couldn’t get the crowd behind him. That’s when you know that you’re on a hiding to nothing.

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All the while Dean Ambrose has been quietly getting on with his job in the mid-card. A perennial contender for the Intercontinental Championship, the Lunatic Fringe has been a solid hand on the card for the last couple of years. His feud with Kevin Owens has been a highlight of the past few months, with their match at Royal Rumble stealing the show. Ambrose plays the loveable crazy role to perfection. It’s not hard to see why the crowd gets behind him every time they see him strut to the ring.

Ambrose borrows a little bit from the Loose Cannon character made famous by Brian Pillman. Wrestling in street clothes makes him stand out from the pack. His work on the microphone is always to the point. He looks like he could snap at any time and doesn’t seem afraid of anything or anyone in the business. This is, after all, a man who wrestled in death matches and was infamously attacked with a weed whacker during his run on the indies. Why should he be scared of someone like Brock Lesnar?

On this week’s Raw he came out to face up to Lesnar in the ring. The two men, along with Reigns, will battle it out for the No. 1 contendership to Triple H’s WWE Championship at Fastlane in less than three weeks. When he came out to the ring to size up Lesnar there was a sense of intrigue from the crowd. These two men have never really interacted with each other in WWE. That is a match that fans would love to see.

The Fastlane match is strange one in essence. All three men are in theory babyfaces. Reigns is the man that the WWE want to be the biggest face, but he won’t garner the response they are after. Lensar is meant to be a heel but the fans love him too much for that to be the case. Ambrose is the man who could be the big face in that match and will get the reaction that WWE wants to come for Reigns, which could be Ambrose’s downfall. Him and Reigns are “brothers” and everyone is waiting for one of them to turn on the other. At this rate, they will never turn Reigns heel so that only leaves Ambrose to turn to the dark side.

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Ambrose has created his own buzz. He has entertained fans in the ring. He gets a good reaction from the crowd. He’s grabbed the brass rings set in front of him, but sadly it seems like he will never be given the spot at the top of the card that he so rightly deserves. One day he should hold that WWE World Heavyweight Championship and sit atop the company as the flagship. While Vince McMahon’s Roman Reigns vanity project continues, Dean may have to keep grabbing those brass rings and pray for the WWE Chairman to give up on trying to get Reigns over and offer him the chance he so richly deserves.