What is the Name of AJ Styles’ WWE Submission Finisher?


AJ Styles confirmed the name of his WWE-approved submission finisher on Twitter.

AJ Styles has been known for using his “Styles Clash” finishing move which is a belly-to-back inverted mat slam. He covers the opponent for the pinfall after this.

The Phenomenal One also has a submission move that he has used over the past few years. It was previously called the “Calf Killer”, but given that WWE is PG and they don’t want to think Styles is killing baby cows, the name was changed.

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On Thursday’s episode of SmackDown, Styles used this calf submission, except commentary called it the “Calf Crusher”. Apparently, some fans didn’t realize this and asked the former TNA star about it on Twitter.

Well, he has a point, right? It could be worse.

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We will see if Styles uses this finisher in his next match, which will be against Chris Jericho on next Thursday’s episode of SmackDown. This is unless he doesn’t wrestle on Raw this Monday.