WWE Fastlane 2016 Results: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose Video Highlights


Who will Triple H’s opponent at WrestleMania 32 be? The question was answered tonight as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose squared off in a Triple Threat match at Fastlane!

Brother vs. brother vs. beast. Can the Shield’s two remaining friends stay friends when the World Title is up for grabs? That’s been the major question going into the Triple Threat Match between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar at Fastlane. This all started, strangely, with Triple H screwing Reigns over to win the championship, only to then give him and his opponents a chance at a title match at WrestleMania.

None of that made sense, but WWE has overcome the gap in logic by focusing squarely on Reigns and Ambrose’s friendship. There have been teases of dissension between the two, including a brawl that broke out on Smackdown, but they’ve always walked away as friends. But something has to happen now, right? Will The Authority’s plan to use Lesnar to permanently split up Reigns and Ambrose work? Only one of these men can advance to WrestleMania, and the other two will have hit a dead end.

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Here’s how the match went down.

“The Beast” hit the ring looking pumped and ready to take the two former Shield members to Suplex City!

After a “big fight” intro by Paul Heyman, the match kicked off with Lesnar going right after Ambrose.  It was only moments later that Lesnar dumped him out of the ring, and drilled Reigns with suplex #1.

Lesnar totally dominated the early going, throwing Reigns and Ambrose around like rag dolls, dumping them on their heads inside and outside the ring, and even nailing an F5!

3, 4, 5 German suplexes on Ambrose alone, with Reigns laid out on the ring floor. But just as Lesnar went for the finish, Reigns came back with a huge spear!  Still, we’ve yet to see the two friends go after one another. After Ambrose hits Lesnar with a low blow, the tables have been turned. Double powerbomb on through the table, just like when they were in the Shield! Nostalgia trip!

But the nostalgia was short lived as Ambrose kicked Reigns and proceeded to beatdown his brother! Only one can go to WrestleMania! They still have a common enemy, though, and they stayed on top of the Beast, powerbombing him again through the second announce table and burying him underneath.

Ambrose and Lesnar continued to go at it, brother slugging it out with brother. Reigns nailed a Superman Punch, Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds, only for Reigns to kick out at two.

Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds again, but Reigns reversed it only for Lesnar to come back and German suplex both men at the same time! Reigns hit the spear from out of nowhere, but before he could cover, Lesnar caught him in the Kimura armlock. Reigns powered out of it, amazingly, only for Ambrose to go crazy with a chair like a lunatic! As he turned his back to finish off Lesnar, Ambrose was hit with a spear by Reigns and covered for the 1..2..3! Reigns is going to WrestleMania to face Triple H for the WWE Championship.

Trav’s Thoughts: Good match with a predictable finish. It went exactly as it should have, with Lesnar dominating much of the much with nearly a dozen suplexes, getting the crowd hyped with “Suplex City” chants. Smartly, they kept the Ambrose/Reigns stuff at bay in the early going and even gave fans two Shield powerbombs. Lesnar hasn’t taken a beating like that in years, and it was a little surprising to see him thrown around that way. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes next, and if the feud with Bray Wyatt takes off on Raw tomorrow night.

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As for Ambrose and Reigns, they both looked strong against one another, hitting their finishers and scoring near falls. Ambrose going crazy with the chair, and ultimately getting pinned by his buddy, sets up a potential conflict for Raw. It also opens the door for Ambrose to force his way into the WrestleMania main event, making it a Triple Threat match for the gold.