WWE Fastlane 2016 Results: Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Big Show and Ryback Video Highlights


Kane, Big Show, and Ryback teamed up to try and fend off The Wyatt Family, did they succeed? Let’s check out the video highlights from Fastlane!

If the ring is due to collapse, this will be the match that does it, because there’s isn’t going to be just one “Big Guy” but a whole lot of big guys as Kane, Big Show, and Ryback take on The Wyatt Family (which should consist of Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper with Bray lurking on the outside). To put it simply, ever since the Royal Rumble, The Wyatt Family has been laying waste to anyone who gets in their way, and for the most part, it has been against the team they are facing Sunday at Fastlane.

Kane, Show, and Ryback typically can handle their own issues, but lately, The Wyatts have been using “the numbers game” to continuously overwhelm each one of them, so now they band together, in hopes of putting down Rowan, Strowman, and Harper…if only for a night. Which monstrous team came out the victor? Let’s check out the video highlights!

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Out first comes The Wyatt Family to the light of all of their fireflies, followed by the team of Big Show, Ryback, and Kane (who lights up the ring).

Big Show starts things off by slapping the heck out of Erick Rowan’s chest, bringing the big man down to his knees. Eventually, Braun makes his way in and lays some heavy strikes on Ryback, but he’s able to recover against Rowan and land a suplex.

Kane eventually gets in on the action taking on every member of The Wyatt Family, but the numbers game catch up with him very quickly. The crowd is very quiet for the first part of this match, not that anyone involved is giving them much.

Action spills to the outside with Big Show throwing Harper on to his other family members.

Ryback finally gets the hot tag and goes wild on Luke Harper, eventually landing the Shellshock for the 1-2-3!

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This match is must-see, if you don’t like action like this, then you’re not a real wrestling fan…no, I’m just kidding, it was pretty awful. There were a few nice spots at the end, but the crowd was not into it for a majority of the match. Giving Kane, Ryback, and Big Show the win makes no sense as The Wyatt Family was finally gaining traction as a unit, yet the thrown together gets the victory. Most likely, this will be the worst match of the night.