The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness Review: Episode 1


A look at the first episode of the Edge and Christian show on the WWE Network.

The newest original show for the WWE Network had a strong impact on many fans. A lot of people thought it was too ridiculous while others loved seeing Edge and Christian doing ridiculous things again on their televisions. It is kind of their thing. They are both two of the best performers in the ring and were taken seriously in matches throughout their illustrious careers. However, a big reason why they are so beloved by wrestling fans is for their great comedic abilities and give off fun and entertaining vibes to fans. Their new show did exactly that.

It is really hard to pin point what this really is, but even if you could label the show it wouldn’t matter. All in all the debut episode was fun. Which is what every show should strive for. The show also has a bunch of segments, and many of them should be very enjoyable each episode.

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The show opened up with Edge and Christian walking backstage at a WWE show. They went into the boss Vince Mcmahon’s office, finding the remote that controls the Universe. Nonsense ensued, and eventually Vince showed up and ridiculed the two. He tore into Christian specifically but ended up being paused by them.

Edge and Christian then went on about how each show will have a new theme, this time being the theme of firsts. They reviewed both of their WWE debuts, and it was very funny as they poked fun at themselves.

John Cena had an interview with the show’s intern, which was honeslty not so entertaining. However the future interviews look promising. Corey Graves asked random people about what they thought of Edge and Christian. The responses were great and the segment is called Corey meets world. It makes all the sense and I love it. Hopefully this becomes a weekly segment.

One of the best segments that will hopefully be on every episode was EC Dubs! The segment is about Edge and Christian making their own stories based on different things in the WWE library. The first run had E n C talking over something that I had never heard of:

WCW is well known for their over the top ideas, but this is just a gem that needed to be displayed on the show. It was a hilarious 5 or 6 minutes of E n C ripping apart this catastrophe. This needs to be a weekly schtick. They also dubbed over the Table for 3 episode featuring Sting and Vader.

After that the two competed in a challenge, having to name wrestlers that were put up on screen. These types of challenges are going to be weekly, but this was honeslty just some filler to get to the main event.

That’s right wrestling fans, they interviewed The Shockmaster. Not only was it an interview, they were determined to give The Shockmaster another chance to win over fans. It was a funny 10 minutes especially to those who know the history of The Shockmaster.

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The pilot episode was very entertaining, and should continue to be for it’s season entirety. What did you guys think of the show? Was it too ridiculous? Or did you love it and want more? Let me know.