Daniel Bryan and 9 Wrestlers Whose Career Ended Too Soon

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E 351717 005 1994 Wrestler Owen Hart Dies In Freak Accident Wrestler Owen Hart (Age 33), Known As ‘Blue Blazer’, Died Of A Broken Neck When The Cable Suspending Him In The Air Broke, Plunging Him 50 Feet To The Ring. Owen Was One Of Seven Sons Of Former Wrestler Stu Hart. Bret Hart Wrestling Brother Owen (Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images)

Owen Hart

Owen was joking called the “runt” of the Hart Dynasty. But many considered him to be the best wrestler to ever hold that last name. His tragic death at 34-years of age during the Over the Edge event is one of the most horrific sights ever caught within the sport. While entering the ring as The Blue Blazer, one of his more interesting gimmicks, an equipment malfunction caused him to fall to his death in a moment that was caught on air to the pay-per-view and in attendance audience.

Instead of focusing on the way he passed and the ramifications of such, Hart’s legacy is much more. Few can forget his series of matches that he had with his brother, Bret Hart. Their 1994 SummerSlam steel cage match is widely considered one of the best of all time. Their feud created a number of memorable matches, but their time together as the Hart Foundation. In fact, he had a number of partnerships with prominent names during that time, which included Yokozuna and the British Bulldog. Even his odd run as a member of the Nation of Domination showed his versatility as a performer.

Stepping out of Bret’s shadow after he left for WCW created the perfect opportunity for Owen to step into the spotlight. His feuds with Triple H and Shawn Michaels were perhaps the highlight of his career. Even though he never took the title from Michaels during that point, they put on some classic matches together.

As fans continue to clamor for Owen’s inclusion into the WWE Hall of Fame, there’s clearly a long-standing appreciation for the youngest of the Hart family. Owen sits on top of the list of individuals missing from the Hall of Fame roster, and hopefully this will be remedied at some point in the future.

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