Daniel Bryan and 9 Wrestlers Whose Career Ended Too Soon

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Dynamite Kid

Tom Billington is a name that many fans of wrestling today may not recognize. He comes from an era that is widely remembered, but often times not in a very positive fashion. Still, Billington is a wrestler whose legacy helped inspire many individuals such as Chris Benoit and Finn Balor, but he can still be considered a warning sign to those that fall too hard for the lifestyle.

The man known as the “Dynamite Kid” certainly wasn’t the biggest dog in the fight, but he brought it in a way that left memories. Even though he had a short run with the WWE as a part of the British Bulldogs with Davey Boy Smith, he is most widely known for his time in Japan and Canada. His alleged use of steroids played a part in how his body began to break down. Even to this day, he has a number of physical ailments after suffering two seizures during his career.

Billington is certainly a wrestler that deserves recognition. Looking at his past matches show a clear relation to some the physical brawling but technical styles that are popular with hardcore fans today.

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