Daniel Bryan and 9 Wrestlers Whose Career Ended Too Soon

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NEW YORK – MARCH 11: Wrestler Chris Benoit attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Chris Benoit

Even though Chris Benoit’s name is stricken from the WWE history books, he’s an individual whose career was ended too soon; even if it was by his own hand.

When it comes to wrestling, Benoit is the epitome of achieving off of hard work. He was never the most charismatic and was a smaller competitor in a time in which the big men were getting a lot of attention. Benoit’s textbook style was forged through the hard times that came in the Hart Family Dungeon and the dojo system in Japan.

Benoit is the second coming of the Dynamite Kid. He forged his style and career around the foundation that Billington created. Then he adapted it in a way that American fans appreciated. Like many of the other “smaller” wrestlers during that time, Benoit would move between WCW and ECW before hitting the WWE. Right before WCW was purchased by the WWE; Benoit was the champion and defended that belt in some classic matches. His best during that time came against Bret Hart and Booker T.

Yet, his time in WWE was the most important in his career. He slowly made his way to the top while being a part of classic matches with Jericho, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and others. His title victory at WrestleMania 20, along with the scene of him and Guerrero hugging in the ring is the highlight during this run.

The double-murder, suicide that captured the attention of sports and mainstream media in 2007 is one of the most heinous stories within professional wrestling. Benoit is never mentioned on TV or featured in other forms of media, but fans will remember his ability to put on great matches with anyone standing across the ring.

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