WWE WrestleMania: Undertaker’s Best 10 Opponents

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Credit: WWE.com

The Undertaker’s WWE career has featured a number of great rivalries, but the best have taken place at WrestleMania.

At a time where many of us can’t really make a confident prediction at how many years the Undertaker has left in him, the one thing that is for sure is how we’ve enjoyed his matches for more than 25 years in World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Phenom is now at the age of 50 and it’s only a matter of time before Father Time and Mother Medicine convince him to hang up the boots, hat and trench coat for good. And before he walks the long aisle on the grounds of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas – not too far from his home in Houston – for WrestleMania 32, it’s fun to think about the quality of opponents he has defeated while performing on the biggest stage of them all.

It was once a winning streak that seemed unbeatable that started off modest with quick pinfall victories over legends like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Jake “the Snake” Roberts and King Kong Bundy. But it has featured a number of WWE Hall of Fame talents and many of the best we’ve seen from the 1990s and 2000s.

While there is a good chance that his match on April 3 could be the last time we see the Deadman – even though some of us have thought that for a few years now – walk into a WWE ring as a competitor, let’s take a look back at the men who have helped provide some of the greatest WrestleMania matches against the Undertaker.

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