WWE WrestleMania: Undertaker’s Best 10 Opponents

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Credit: WWE.com

2) Triple H – WrestleMania 17 (2001); WrestleMania 27 (2011); WrestleMania 28 (2012)

It’s hard enough to beat someone of the caliber of Triple H, let alone twice. But it’s quite the achievement for someone to have three main-event quality matches against the same opponent in a career.

The first meeting was held at WrestleMania 17 inside the AstroDome in Houston, Texas, with the two brawling outside of the ring to begin the match before Undertaker gave the Game a chokeslam off scaffolding set up outside the ring. Triple H also delivered a blow with a sledgehammer before Taker would get the win with the Last Ride.

Then the two faced off in a pair of matches that followed up the Undertaker-HBK rivalry; another two greats from the Attitude Era where both men were barely able to leave the ring under their own power after the No Holds Barred match in 2011 and the Hell in a Cell bout in 2012 – which was billed as the “End of an Era.”

While both men were active, it felt like quite the end of their rivalry that started back in 2001 as both men were helped to the back by Michaels and they looked back to the crowd from the stage. While it turned out it wasn’t the end for the Undertaker, there was no denying that fans gave the respect both men had earned in those two matches.

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