WWE WrestleMania: Undertaker’s Best 10 Opponents

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Credit: WWE.com

8) Diesel – WrestleMania 12 (1996)

For the Undertaker’s first four years in the WWE – back when it was the World Wrestling Federation – he was dominant and didn’t really get a lot of legitimate challengers. There was Giant Gonzalez during the third WrestleMania, but it really wasn’t as great of a matchup as Undertaker had a few years later against Diesel in a clash of two seven-foot tall titans.

It was one of the few entertaining matches where two giants clashes, with most many bouts of the same kind coming off a little boring. It was also one fo the few matches where someone was overpowering the Deadman by Diesel lifting up and hitting the Undertaker’s spine against the ring post.

It required a bit of a rally of reversals and even the Undertaker flying across the ring after jumping off the top rope. It was a memorable match because Diesel could have pinned Undertaker after a powerbomb, but taunted him that led to a sit up. A second powerbomb was met with a close pinfall and the Undertaker’s hand wrapped around Diesel’s throat.

Back and forth they continued before the Undertaker was the one who pick up seven-foot, 300-pound Diesel for a Tombstone Piledriver for one of the biggest wins in his young WWE career.

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