WWE WrestleMania: Undertaker’s Best 10 Opponents

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Credit: WWE.com

5) Kane – WrestleMania 14 (1998); WrestleMania 20 (2004)

When Kane debuted in at Bad Blood in 1997, the storyline that followed revealed the two characters had a long history that dated back to their childhood where Undertaker caused the house fire that killed the rest of the family and left Kane scarred for life.

What makes a better match is the storyline that is told in the weeks beforehand and from the action within the squared circle. The two first clashed in 1998 at WrestleMania 14 after Kane cost Undertaker the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels. But it wouldn’t be the last as years passed with the two teaming up multiple times.

Shortly after Kane had unmasked and revitalized himself as a Demon, he would attack the Undertaker – who was in his American Badass biker gimmick – and cost him in a Buried Alive match against Vince McMahon in November 2003. Months had passed before the Undertaker started to haunt Kane with his iconic tolling of the bells, followed by mind games that led up to the two facing each other at WrestleMania 20.

The match showed the return of Paul Bearer and the Undertaker in his familiar and original form. Long gone was the American Badass and the return of the WWE’s iconic Phenom was back.

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