WWE Power Rankings: Mar. 2; Triple H’s Game Has Just Begun

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10. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

Last Rank: 10

Week Highlights: Tied.

Sasha and Becky can’t seem to get away from one another. This week the two wrestled to a draw on Raw. It seems like a triple threat match for the Divas Championship is taking shape, and we should have a better idea about that after their rematch on SmackDown.

9. The League of Nations

Last Rank: –

Week Highlights: Continued winning matches and possibly aligned with Triple H.

The League of Nations is back from the dead, and the foursome continues to win matches, albeit most of them are against some combination of the Lucha Dragons and other mid-carders. It also seems they have a shot at becoming Triple H’s newest cronies as well.

8. Kalisto

Last Rank: 6

Week Highlights: Lost matches to the League of Nations.

When the United States Champion is in tag action as part of the Lucha Dragons, he loses. In singles matches he wins. Something has to give…

7. Charlotte

Last Rank: 9

Week Highlights: Did the usual and avoided wrestling.

Charlotte’s reputation precedes her: she did not wrestle this week and still managed to rise in the WWE Power Rankings. On paper she’s the best the Divas division has to offer, and she backs it up whenever she is forced to compete.

All signs indicate she’s developed a championship presence—something the Divas Division has sorely lacked for some time now.

6. Kevin Owens

Last Rank: 5

Week Highlights: Exchanged count-outs with the Big Show.

It’s clear that WWE Creative has nothing for you when you split count-out victories with the Big Show. There is no truer example of pointless booking, and if continues much longer, it will have adverse effects on not only Owens, but the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship.

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