WWE Power Rankings: Mar. 2; Triple H’s Game Has Just Begun

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3. Roman Reigns

Last Rank: 2

Week Highlights: Sat at home like a punk.

This past week the WWE really sold the fact that Triple H kicked the living hell out of Roman Reigns. The story is that after Reigns got decimated by the Game, he required reconstructive surgery and is now in the midst of recovering.

Alongside his physical rehab, though, Reigns should also look into repairing his reputation. If he returns joking around in tater-tot mode after needing a week off, his credibility will be shot. Especially considering that a certain ex-Shield brethren has taken worse beatings and showed up for more on a weekly basis…


2. Dean Ambrose

Last Rank: T.3

Week Highlights: Kept picking fights he can’t win.

It’s incredible that Dean Ambrose continues to get more and more over by continuing to mouth off and being taught lesson after lesson because of it.

This week, Dean “I Have a Death Wish” Ambrose got assaulted by the League of Nations, per order of Triple H, and his response was thanking the Game. Now Ambrose is scheduled for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match that he is unlikely to win, but in defeat the support for Ambrose will continue to swell.

Reigns may be considered the company’s golden boy for the time being, yet Ambrose’s natural, insane appeal could very well vault him to the top of the WWE before too long.

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