WWE Roadblock 2016 Results: The Revival vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady Video Highlights


The NXT Tag Team Championships were on the line at WWE Roadblock. Were Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady successful in their bid to dethrone The Revival?

Since winning the NXT Tag Team Championships back in October, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have been running roughshod over the other tag teams in NXT. Taking an old-school, no-frills approach, Dash and Dawson recently dubbed themselves “The Revival,” and have continued their run of dominance.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have been chasing the NXT Tag Team Championships for months now. The Realest Guys had a title match against The Revival at TakeOver: London in December, but fell short after Enzo was caught with a Shatter Machine.

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In recent weeks, the rivalry has exploded, as Enzo was jumped by the champions in the parking lot outside the Performance Center. Security cameras captured footage of the attack, in which Big Cass was able to save his partner from a further beating, and the rematch was made for WWE Roadblock.

Check out below for what happened as these two talented teams clashed for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Enzo and Cass displayed some impressive tandem offense, with Cass throwing Enzo at each of their opponents, before launching him over the ropes to both members of The Revival on the outside of the ring.

Big Cass also showed off his strength by tossing Dash onto Dawson out of a gorilla press.

A blind tag by Dawson turned the tide in the favor of the champions, as they were able to isolate Enzo and inflict serious damage. Enzo tried to lunge for a tag to Cass, but Dawson was able to push Enzo in mid-air out of the ring to prevent the tag.

Enzo finally broke free for a hot tag to Cass, who cleaned house with big splashes, big boots, a big elbow drop, and the East River Crossing. An attempted Rocket Launcher was blocked by Dawson from outside the ring.

Cass gave chase outside the ring to Dawson, who received a big slap from Carmella as well. The Revival countered by hitting big Cass with the Shatter Machine outside the ring.

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Back inside, Enzo fought back with a jumping DDT off the top rope on Dash. He rolled up Dawson for a count of 2 7/8 before falling victim to a Shatter Machine from the top rope and The Revival retaining.

This was an excellent showcase for two of NXT’s best tag teams, and the crowd response should show that either team could succeed on the main roster as is.