WWE Hall of Fame: 5 Current Stars Who Should Be Inducted

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Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is one of those guys who always seems to produce the goods. Nowadays he comes and goes from the WWE, whilst being the front man of Rock band Fozzy, presenting a massively successful podcast and finding time to write New York Times best-selling books. It’s perhaps down to his achievements in the past that allow him the opportunity to pick and chose when he wants to appear in the ring.

When you look back at Jericho’s career there are not many wrestlers who can match his accolades. A nine-time Intercontinental Champion, a six-time World Champion, holder of every belt he could possibly hold in the WWF/E, one of a handful of men to hold titles in the original ECW, WCW and WWE and the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion. Many fans will never forget the night he beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock within the space of a couple of hours to become the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion in 2001. Not many men had beaten both of those legends, let alone in one night, that just shows you the levels he has reached in the WWE.

Prior to his joining the WWF in 1999, he travelled the world honing his craft. Having started his career in his native Canada he wrestled in Mexico, Europe and Japan before making a name for himself in both ECW and WCW. His WWF debut came in an angle with The Rock, and he was allowed to verbally joust with the Great One on his first night, a great feat for a debuting star. Jericho has been a mainstay of the company and has more than proved his worth, and worthiness, of a spot amongst the greats in the history of WWE.

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