WWE Hall of Fame: 5 Current Stars Who Should Be Inducted

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Kevin Owens 

A man who has achieved a lot in a relatively short space of time in WWE, Kevin Owens will grace the annals of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history whenever he hangs up his boots. The man formerly known as Kevin Steen is probably the best heel that WWE currently has on the main roster, and will go from strength to strength in the next few years.

Having first made his name (in WWE terms at least) in NXT it wasn’t long before he made the jump to the main roster. Having attacked his lifelong friend Sami Zayn and then beaten him for his NXT title, Owens finally dropped the title to current Champion Finn Balor. Whilst holding the NXT title, Owens made his shock arrival on Raw, to take up the offer of John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge. He never actually challenged for that belt, instead attacking Cena and then stamping on his US title whilst holding aloft the NXT belt he held so dear. Owens went on to beat Cena cleanly by pinfall in his debut match which was less than a year ago. He would eventually lose out in the feud with Cena but had shown enough to be placed in a high mid card role, becoming an entertaining Intercontinental Champion and perennial challenger for the belt when he doesn’t have to around his waist.

Owens is a true wrestling heel, using every trick in the book to get one over his opponents. He is just as comfortable on the microphone as he is in the ring, and is one of the best all round guys that WWE currently has signed to a contract. His character is one that will always draw money as fans will always want to see him get beaten and see the good guys get the better of the cocky heel. Kevin Owens is only in the early stages of his WWE career but whenever that career is over after he has become a multi-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he will easily be worthy of a place in the WWE hall of Fame.

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